An 18 wheeler in Ringgold

18 Wheeler Accident in Ringgold

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As we head into the warmer months more people will be traveling on our roads and highways. The unfortunate side effect of this is more potential for accidents and injuries, especially between commercial trucks and cars. This became evident in the first few days of March outside East Ridge, TN on I-75 and the Ringgold Street Bridge. During the morning commute a Toyota Camry lost control on the southbound side of I-75 causing the car to jump the median and hit a northbound tractor trailer head on.

East Ridge police said that the tractor trailer then hit the Ringgold Street Bridge causing it to split in half and spill its cargo all over I-75, closing the highway for hours. Fearing more problems from the semi’s impact on the bridge, Tennessee Department of Transportation officials were called to the scene. They were asked to inspect the bridge supports for potential damage and help reopen I-75.

An 18 wheeler accident lawyer Chattanooga tnWhile bridges and vehicles can be repaired or replaced, injuries take much more time to heal. The potential for personal injury and property damage from accidents with 18 wheelers like this can be devastating. Life Flight was called in to take the driver of the Toyota to Erlanger Medical Center.

Injuries and damage caused in accidents with tractor trailers or other commercial trucks can also cause tremendous medical bills. Waiting for insurance companies to help can take months, sometimes years, before they will settle.

In the case of this accident at the Ringgold Bridge, the East Ridge police are conducting an investigation to hold the responsible party accountable. But the punishment rendered in a criminal trial is usually minimal, amounting sometimes to just a slap on the wrist.

Victims of commercial trucking accidents are often left in the cold by the judicial system and may not know where to turn. The Tennessee legal code allows for civil cases to be pursued to recover losses. But the civil system is complicated and hard to navigate. It is not something any individual wants to try on their own. This is where the McMahan Law Offices can help. With over 80 years of combined legal experience in car and 18 wheeler accidents, they have the knowledge and resources needed to tackle these cases and will work tirelessly on your behalf.

If you live in the Chattanooga area and find yourself in need of representation involving an accident with an 18 wheeler, call the McMahan Law Offices today.

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