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3 Reasons Why Chattanooga Social Security Attorneys Are Important

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Filing for social security can be a daunting process, but our Chattanooga social security attorneys are here to relieve you of the burden. It’s important to understand that you shouldn’t be deterred from hiring a lawyer because you assume costs will be high: our social security attorneys will only take a small fee of the maximum amount of social security allowed.

Here are three reasons why social security attorneys can completely change your filing experience:

You’re More Likely To Get Approved Quicker

The Social Security Advisory Board published an annual report on the SSI program, which stated that third party representatives could expedite the process. In Chattanooga, the average wait time for an SSD or SSI hearing was 19 months. The average for winning a hearing was just 55%. Nationally, that average is lower than half. With a Chattanooga social security attorney, you’ll increase the chances of being accepted. If you’ve already been declined, we can also help you with the appeal process, which can involve more work than the initial application.

We Know The Workaround

Whether it’s an initial application or an appeal, there’s plenty of paperwork that could result in some confusion. Many applications get denied due to technicalities. When you hire a social security attorney, you’re dealing with someone who has processed countless applications and knows their way around the system.

We Go Above and Beyond

The annual report on the SSI program stated, “In an effort to prevent unnecessary delays and reduce the time SSI claimants must wait for benefits, these third party representatives will often take additional steps to provide as much medical information as possible. The motivation for this is that the more complete the medical information, the less time it should take to make a decision on the case.”  Furthermore, we add additional information to a standard application by making our own observations about our clients. And lastly, having an attorney to facilitate all communication , which will help you not only focus on your health and personal life.

If you’re considering applying for social security and want to increase your chances of being approved, contact us for more information.