A Community Mourns After A Deadly Head-On Collision | Chattanooga Injury Attorneys

A Community Mourns After A Deadly Head-On Collision | Chattanooga Injury Attorneys

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Accidents happen in and around Chattanooga all the time. Often they’re simple fender-benders and those involved are able to walk away with the majority of the damage absorbed by their vehicles. Unfortunately, some accidents have a more tragic outcome and few are as heartbreaking as the Sevier County wreck that occurred last weekend.

Sunday a youth group were returning from a Gatlinburg retreat when an SUV crossed the centerline and hit their van. The ensuing collision rolled the church van and sent it sliding down an embankment. Witnesses rushed to the crash site where the van was quickly becoming engulfed in flames and helped to free those trapped inside the wreckage. Ultimately, eleven young men and women between the ages of 13 to 22 were injured in the accident, but two others didn’t survive the devastating crash.

A man is facing charges after a head-on collision near Chattanooga left members of a youth group dead.

One of those killed was the driver of the church van. Another was a high school student described by loved ones as a ‘gentle, kind, and caring individual whose influence will continue to positively impact our lives.’ As the community mourns, we also extend our deepest sympathies to all those who suffered loss and injury.

“What Will Happen in the Aftermath of the Deadly Accident in Chattanooga?”

The youth group weren’t the only ones injured in the accident; the driver of the SUV was also taken to the hospital in critical condition. What caused him to cross the centerline isn’t yet known as he was too injured for a field sobriety test, but chances are he’ll face charges after a toxicology report is completed.

There’s a lot stacked against the young man since he was already on probation for several robbery and burglary charges and a suspicious container of white powder was also found on him while he was being treated for his injuries.

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