A Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Southern Tennessee Continues a Troubling Trend

A Fatal Motorcycle Accident Continues a Troubling Trend | Southern Tennessee Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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Tragedy struck in Southern Tennessee over the weekend, leaving two motorcyclists dead and a community mourning. ‘It was so sad, the girl was lying on the ground, the man, their friends were doing CPR on them. It was a really sad moment to see,’ said a witness to the motorcycle accident.

Saturday the Deviant Crew Motorcycle Club was being escorted by police through Dayton, TN when a biker fell behind the pack. The rider, along with a passenger, attempted to catch back up to the group, but disastrously a car failed to yield to them at an intersection and the motorcycle slammed into it.

Witnesses reported hearing a big crash and rushed to see the riders lying on the ground, motionless. The most heart-breaking aspect of the story is that one of those witnesses was the biker’s wife. The biker was from Dayton and died from his injuries, leaving behind his wife and four kids.

The passenger was also killed in the motorcycle accident. She was a former Athens police officer and a funeral service was held for her on Tuesday where she was described by her surviving husband by saying ‘everybody that ever touched her or knew her, loved her, even the ones she arrested when she was a police officer… she was a good-hearted woman.’

No charges are yet to be filed in the Southern Tennessee motorcycle wreck. For now it stands as a grisly reminder of the troubling trend — fatal motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Tennessee.

Fatal motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Southern Tennessee.

To raise awareness the state has been posting the increasing number of motorcycle deaths along Tennessee highways with more than 42 bikers having already been killed this year alone. Since most motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists, many of the awareness campaigns are focused on educating people in passenger cars to stay alert and share the road with motorcycles.

Southern Tennessee Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

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