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Accident Lawyers Discuss Church Bus Accident Leaving Several Injured In Cleveland, TN

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Eastern Tennessee has had more than its fair share of bus accidents. While we’ve been getting steady updates on the tragic school bus accident that took the life of two students and a teacher’s aide, the area saw yet another major bus accident just last week. It’s a troubling trend for auto accident lawyers and certainly worth investigating.

According to reports a small church bus from South Carolina was heading through our state for a week-long mission trip when it crashed in Cleveland, Tennessee. Details at this point are scarce. Like the other recent bus accidents, it could be weeks, even months, before an investigation sheds light onto exactly what happened.

Early indicators seem to show that the bus went off the left side of the road and slammed into a culvert. The impact had enough force to send all sixteen kids and the bus driver to a local hospital. Details on their injuries varied, but some were simply transported to the hospital by bus while others had to be rushed there by ambulance.

Our state is a great destination for travelers and is also a central hub for many major interstates so we get a lot of groups traveling through in buses. This could certainly be a factor in the upswing of bus accidents in Eastern Tennessee, but it’s not an excuse. Bus drivers still have to be diligent, and those driving around big buses have to be extra careful.

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Major bus accidents do take longer to investigate and the legal battles that follow can be complex. That’s why if you’ve been hurt in a major accident, it’s important to have legal representation to help guide you through the process. The accident attorneys at the McMahan Law Firm can be that representation that fight to get you fairly compensated.