Accidents involving deer are on the rise

Accidents Involving Deer on the Rise in Tennessee | Chattanooga Auto Accident Lawyers

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As accident attorneys we’ve often seen the devastating effects serious car accidents have on families.  Unfortunately many accidents are unavoidable, and while we want to fight to make sure your rights are protected after a wreck, the only good accident is the one that never took place.

Negligent drivers aren’t the only things that cause accidents in Southern Tennessee.  In fact, there’s another danger on the rise on our streets and highways.  Deer are becoming a major threat to motorists in our state.  While accidents involving deer have always been common in Tennessee, the number of these accidents is increasing.

Now one of every 286 cars in Tennessee will strike a deer this year.   The numbers are pretty staggering as there have been nearly 6,000 deer-related accidents in the last year alone and three of those accidents actually ended in death.

Now that summer has ended, more and more deer will be out and about, and that likely means more accidents.  According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, “You are going to see more activity with deer in the morning and evening. With hunting season here, the deer will start stirring.”

But there are precautions that motorists can take.  First, always be on the lookout for deer, especially when driving through a wooded area or area marked with deer crossing signs.  If you do see a deer, slowdown in case it jumps in front of you and remember, where there is one deer there is bound to be more.

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We want you to be safe while driving around Chattanooga and the surrounding areas, but we want you to know if you are involved in an auto accident, we’re here to help.  Nothing on the road is more dangerous than a negligent driver.  If they’ve hurt your family, they should be held responsible, and the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm want to help you do it.

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