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Alarming number of semi truck accidents in Chattanooga

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Whenever you check the news, you’re likely to come across a story about an accident involving large trucks. For example, Tennessee Highway Patrol recently reported a truck accident in Loudon County. A semi rear-ended a pick-up truck, causing it to then crash into another semi in front of it. In addition to the devastating force of the collision and the fact that the pick-up was crushed between two semis, a fire broke out. The pick-up driver died.

The website for Chattanooga’s WRCB TV recently posted an article on the increase in fatal truck accidents in recent years; the article also reported the story of four family members who died under similar circumstances to the pickup driver in Loudon County, when their vehicle was rear-ended by a semi and crushed against a flat-bed truck ahead of them.

The article shares data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reporting that in 2012, there were nearly 4,000 truck accident fatalities in the US and 104,000 injuries. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also reported that between 2009 and 2012, there was an increase of 18% in fatal truck accidents.

As an increasing number of drivers are being hired to meet industry demands, what’s being done to improve truck safety?

According to the WRCB TV post, there isn’t really a consensus about what needs to be done, given that there are various reasons for which semi truck accidents in Chattanooga occur:


  • There are carrier companies that successfully evade safety regulations by registering with the Department of Transportation under a new name, which helps him avoid or minimize any penalties they may face.
  • There are truckers with multiple past violations and safety warnings who are still out on the road. Truckers also work under strong pressure to make deliveries on time, increasing the chances that they’ll be fatigued and distracted after driving long hours. However, if driver hours are cut, carriers might simply send out more trucks, so would the overall rate of accidents decrease?
  • Trucks may be poorly maintained and experience a variety of mechanical failures, including brake problems.
  • Although some companies are working on safety technology for trucks, such as brakes that act automatically when a truck gets too close to a vehicle up ahead, most trucks at this point aren’t equipped with this kind of safety technology.

In short, there’s still a lot of disagreement over what needs to be done to cut down the rate of truck accidents. Some solutions have been proposed but haven’t been adopted yet. Depending on the accident, different people can also be liable, from the drivers involved to the companies who employ them.

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