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Always Enforce Safer Driving With Your Teenager

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If you are like many parents who have a teen who will soon start driving, you are concerned for your teen’s safety. You might be worried your teen will drive too fast or get distracted while driving. As accident attorneys, we want to keep your teen and you safe while on the roadways. To increase your teen’s chances of being a safe driver, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Demonstrate good driving. If you want your teen to obey the speed limit, do that yourself. Do not weave between traffic or cut other drivers off. Avoid getting angry and yelling at other drivers. Put your cell phone down while driving. It is hard to enforce safe driving practices if you are not practicing them yourself.
  • Start out slowly, particularly if your teen is nervous about driving. Short trips are great at first. Your teen will likely be more comfortable driving in more rural areas rather than in downtown traffic in the beginning. Also, allow your teen to become comfortable driving in daylight hours before you try to tackle nighttime driving.
  • Study the Tennessee Drivers Handbook with your teen. Make sure your teen knows the driving laws in Tennessee. Have your teen practice the skills needed for the road test and for subsequent driving. This includes things such as proper accelerating and braking, proper turn signal usage, parking, backing up the vehicle, and scanning traffic for other vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Establish rules for when your teen does get a driver’s license. This could include no cell phones, radio, or friends in the vehicle while driving. The rules could also include conditions for when your teen can and cannot drive and rules about your teen contacting you when he has reached his destination. Have consequences for your teen not obeying these rules, and follow through with the consequences, if the teen does not obey the rules.

While you can encourage your teen to be a good driver, you cannot control other drivers on the road. Sometimes other drivers, some of them experienced drivers, cause accidents. If you or your teen was hit and injured by another driver, contact us.