Families and communities affected after bus crash in Tennessee

An Entire Community Mourns After Deadly Tennessee Bus Accident | Chattanooga Accident Lawyers

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A North Carolina church is reeling after the horrible bus accident that recently took place in Tennessee.   It’s hard to imagine the heartbreak that the friends and family of those involved must be feeling.  An entire community is mourning the loss and trying to wrap their heads around what exactly happened.

Last Wednesday, a church bus was traveling along I-40 when it reportedly blew a tire and careened across the median where it smashed head-on into a tractor trailer and another vehicle.  According to a spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Safety “[The bus] traveled across the median and struck a tractor-trailer and passenger car that were traveling westbound. The tractor-trailer caught fire and the bus overturned. There are multiple fatalities and injuries at this time.”

Ultimately eight people lost their lives.  Six of those lost were on the bus, another was a passenger in the tractor trailer, and another was a passenger in the other vehicle that was struck. 

The church group were on their annual trip to a festival in Gatlinburg.  It was on their way back to North Carolina that the accident occurred.   A large-scale investigation into the travesty will continue, but the accident has gone to show just how tight-knit the affected communities are.  They have been continuing to gather for days after the accident to grieve, pray, and offer condolences to those who were injured or suffered a loss.

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When large-scale accidents like the recent bus wreck in Tennessee occur, we have to remember the individual families involved.  While communities will be shocked, there are families that will be changed forever.  It can be a confusing, even frustrating time.

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