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Another Workplace Accident Claims the Life of a Hard-Working Tennessean | Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers

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Just last week we were discussing the dangers that some workers face while on the job. In our previous post a young man was seeking compensation after his father lost his life in a tragic workplace accident. It was an unfortunate reminder of how quickly families can be torn apart when a company fails to adequately protect their employees. And now less than a week after sharing that story, we’ve heard of another tragedy that has taken the life of a Chattanooga worker.

Last Friday morning, a three-decade-long employee of Astec, Inc. was involved in a disturbing and shocking accident at their Chattanooga facility. The employee was attaching the top half of a silo to the bottom when the bottom slipped and struck him in the head. He died at the scene from a traumatic head injury.

The business was described as a safe place to work by other companies in the area, but even the safest work environments can have unseen dangers. The Astec, Inc. company “designs, manufacturers, and markets a complete line of continuous and batch-process hot-mix asphault facilities, and soil remediation equipment.” They sit on over 440,000 square feet in the Chattanooga area. Due to the incident they are being investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), whose report could take several months to conclude.

The OSHA report will give everyone a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the incident, and hopefully what can be done to prevent similar accidents in the future. The aftermath of workplace accidents can be fairly complex. There are a lot of thorough investigations conducted by both the company itself and outside groups like OSHA. But what can’t be overlooked is the human side of workplace fatalities, and we have to remember that friends and family are suffering an incredible loss.

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