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Are You Familiar With Some Of The Most Common Accident Causes

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In an accident between a car and a truck the car typically loses. Often the damage is significant and injury or even fatality occurs. Even unloaded semi-trucks outweigh cars, vans and SUV’s. The weight difference gives the advantage to the truck. It is important for drivers to realize that not all accidents are merely accidents. In many cases the truck driver is at fault. Chattanooga semi truck accident attorneys want to share some examples of situations in which the truck driver was negligent.

Driver Inattentive

It is well-known that driving while texting is not safe. A truck driver that is texting or looking at the internet while driving is not paying adequate attention to the road and may cause an accident.

Driving Poorly

If the driver is driving at a speed above the speed limit or making an illegal or dangerous turn they are not driving safely. Those that do not provide enough distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them can not break in time. If they brake improperly they may lose control of the truck and cause an accident. In all of these cases the driver has made poor driving decisions.

Ignoring Weather Conditions

In some cases the driver was traveling at or below the speed limit but they are still at fault. If the roads are icy or wet from rain the driver needs to travel appropriately for the weather conditions. Failure to do this can be the cause of an accident.

Disregarding Regulations

Truck drivers are required to limit the amount of hours they drive so they can rest. Driver fatigue is dangerous to all vehicles on the road. If the driver does not follow the regulations they may be at fault for an accident.

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