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Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers

In the city of Chattanooga, if you have suffered injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, you have the legal right to seek compensation. Our Chattanooga personal injury lawyers at McMahan Law Firm can help you pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injuries and other damages. 

You deserve to be compensated for your medical bills and/or property repairs that were caused by another person’s careless actions. Our attorneys have years of experience helping our clients win the settlements they deserve. We care about what you’re going through and will strive to help you through this difficult time. If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, call The Insiders at McMahan Law Firm. We’re ready to fight for you!

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

There are many different reasons a person might need a personal injury attorney in their lifetime. Chattanooga is an up-and-coming city with people visiting from out of town every day. This often results in congestion downtown, which can lead to car, motorcycle, and truck accidents. 

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The Insiders are experienced in handling these types of cases and more. If you or a loved one has been negatively affected by any of the following, we may be able to help you seek compensation:  

Types of Damages You May Be Able to Recover

After an accident, compensation from a personal injury case can help you pay for your medical bills, the cost of repairs to your damaged property, and more. Generally, there are two types of compensation you can pursue depending on the circumstances of your accident:  

Economic Damages

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When you see a doctor for your injury or take your vehicle to the repair shop, the bills from these services are considered economic damages. You may be able to seek compensation in the form of economic damages for any costs that have burdened you as a result of your accident. 

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Property repairs or the totaled value 
  • Costs associated with canceled plans, like events or vacations 
  • Past and future lost wages 
  • Past and future medical bills

Noneconomic Damages

If your accident caused you emotional trauma, you may also be entitled to noneconomic damages. Serious injuries often have a detrimental impact on the victim’s daily life, preventing them from enjoying the activities they were previously able to enjoy. 

Noneconomic damages can be some of the greatest losses after an accident but are often tricky to put a price on due to their lack of an inherent dollar amount. They can include:

  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional pain and anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Our personal injury attorneys can help you calculate the economic and/or noneconomic damages you may be entitled to and fight for every penny you deserve. 

Insurance Companies Aren’t Your Friend 

The responsibility of determining fault for your accident and distributing compensation, ultimately, falls on an insurance adjuster. It’s important to always remember who this adjuster is working for: the insurance company. Their job is to protect the company’s best interests, not yours. 

This means the adjuster will likely try to persuade you to settle for less than what you deserve in an attempt to save their company money. Adjusters have even been known to strongarm injured victims and use unfair tactics to bully them into settling for unfair compensation. 

At McMahan Law Firm, we work for YOU. We’re familiar with the maneuvers of insurance adjusters intended to exploit injured individuals. We will fight to ensure you are not taken advantage of. 

Oftentimes, an insurance agency will be more likely to offer a fair settlement if they are threatened with legal action. Our attorneys will show them you mean business and aren’t afraid to take your case to court to get the full settlement you deserve. 

What Can an Attorney Do for You?

In the event you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, a personal injury lawyer can help you fight for the compensation you deserve and need to move forward. The Insiders will review your case and, if you have sufficient grounds, see it through from beginning to end. 

We will field any calls you receive from insurance adjusters and help you gather all the information you need for the strongest case possible. If the insurance company is still reluctant to give you a fair settlement, we will take your case to court. Here, we will defend your rights to the full extent of our power and do everything we can to see that you get what you deserve.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

All the bills after an accident can be incredibly overwhelming, so many people, understandably, wonder how much it will cost to hire an attorney. At McMahan Law Firm, we work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t owe us a penny unless we win for you. This allows you to retain quality legal services without having to worry about how much it will cost you. If we are unable to win your case, we don’t get paid. 

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We also offer free consultations. When you call our law firm, we will review your case free of charge and help you understand your legal options. 

The Insiders Are on Your Side

The personal injury lawyers at the McMahan Law Firm are dedicated to helping injured victims throughout East Tennessee. For years, our attorneys have fought against insurance adjusters to get hundreds of clients the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

One call and you can have The Insiders on your side! We make client communication a top priority at our firm and will work tirelessly on your injury claim, keeping you updated every step of the way. When you are with the McMahan Law Firm, you can count on our experienced attorneys to guide you through the complex legal process, so you can focus on your recovery.

We have been representing injured East Tennesseans for the past decade. We service all of Chattanooga and its surrounding areas. Whether you are in East Brainerd, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, East Ridge, Ooltewah, Soddy Daisy, or Cleveland, TN, our hometown lawyers will be there for you. Call us today at (423) 265-1100 or fill out our free online consultation form.