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ATVs Prove Dangerous to Those Not Even Old Enough for East Tennessee Highways

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A vehicle doesn’t have to be a car or truck to pose a serious danger to its driver.  Even those who aren’t old enough to drive on our highways can get on vehicles like ATVs or go-carts and potentially put themselves at risk for an accident.

Just last week a 15-year-old young man lost his life while driving an ATV.  The sudden death has rocked the community of Lafayette and left his classmates, friends, and family to mourn his passing.  Fellow students even gathered together to sign a large memorial poster in a show of support for his grieving family.

According to the reports, the young man was driving an ATV when he cut through a church parking lot.  Tragically there was a cable barrier blocking the entrance to the lot that he didn’t see.  He struck the cable and suffered fatal injuries.  It’s a terrible reminder of how quickly and without warning a deadly accident can occur.

As personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga we believe that it is incredibly important to be aware of all of our state laws that pertain to riding ATVs.

  • Every rider on a three-wheeled ATV that is riding through a designated state park riding area is required to wear protective gear such as a helmet and eye protection.
  • If riding in a state park, a four-wheeled ATV is strictly prohibited.
  • Riders are prohibited from driving ATVs on highways, unless they are crossing the road.
  • Every ATV must be titled and have an identification device placed on the ATV.

I’ve Been Hurt in a Chattanooga Accident.  What Do I Do?

Accidents on ATVs aren’t always the fault of the driver, sometimes they can be caused by the negligence of other riders or motorists.  If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the Chattanooga personal injury lawyers at the McMahan Law Firm are here to help.

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