Go straight to the ER after an auto accident

Do Two Things After an Auto Accident in Chattanooga…

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After an auto accident comes all the hassles of dealing with tow trucks, auto repair shops (or shopping for a new car), rental cars, police reports, insurance reports and, many times, doctor visits. You may certainly count yourself lucky if you and your passengers escaped serious injury during your auto accident. But, that doesn’t mean the wreck left you unscathed. The adrenaline that kicks in during the crash can mask a more serious injury than you might think! You or your passengers may have internal injuries, but you just don’t know it yet. Don’t get distracted by a sense of relief for getting through it “okay.” Go straight to the hospital for a medical exam. Do not pass go. Do not act tough by saying you’re “fine.” And as soon as you or a loved one is able, find a team of personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga who may be able to help you.

Your physical well-being, and that of your passengers, should be of highest importance after an event like this. But, unfortunately, concern for your legal rights needs to rank pretty high, too. As any team of personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga will tell you, insurance companies work fast — not to maximize their payout to you — to minimize what they legally have to give you. That may sound contrary to everything you’ve ever thought about insurance companies. We’re not saying any insurance agent or insurance company employee specifically wants an auto accident victim to suffer from an untreated serious injury. We’re just pointing out that insurance companies are first and foremost in the business of making a profit. They do provide a service… and that’s so they can make a profit. When they can save money, the will.

What does seeing a doctor and calling a team of personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga have to do with this?

Well, immediately after you’ve been in an auto accident, the insurance company starts building its case based on police reports, witness statements and whatever else may apply. If you have suffered a serious injury, you want to be treated for it urgently of course, but you also want the insurance company to have a record of it as soon as possible. If you don’t go to the hospital for an exam right away but you develop symptoms of an injury days or weeks later, the insurance company will disprove any claim that your serious injury was caused by the auto accident. They can claim your injury occurred during the time between then and when you got your offiical diagnosis.

Once you have arrangements for medical care, getting a team of personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga on your side will ensure you and your loved ones that every step made towards your insurance settlement — and ultimately, your recovery — is made thoroughly. Personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga and everywhere are well-versed in managing all that red tape.

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