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Auto Accidents: What To Watch Out For When Driving In Knoxville

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You would think that in the digital age where we are surrounded by information traveling at the speed of light, people would be more educated and safer behind the wheel. Unfortunately, auto accidents are still all too common. Most of these accidents could be avoided with some basic common sense and safety precautions on the road. Learn some tips and tricks you can employ to avoid auto accidents in Knoxville, and how a personal injury attorney can help your cause.

Don’t Cruise The Fast Lane

The fast lane is a trap for accidents. Many people jump over in the left lane and just cruise there, thinking it’s better to stay in one place than weave. This presents a couple of problems: first, the fast lane is a trap that allows you few escape routes if an accident is imminent. Second, you are easier to spot by police looking for violators if you’re in the fast lane. Third, are you really in that much of a hurry? It’s better to get there late than not arrive at all.

Scan Your Field Of Vision

Too many drivers get tunnel vision when behind the wheel. They look straight ahead or on the road just in front of them. This is a recipe for disaster since accidents can come from any direction. You need to keep your eyes scanning far ahead and in your periphery. This increases your chances of spotting hazards and will improve your reaction time.

Know Your Blind Spots

Every car has blind spots. You can reduce these to a minimum by adjusting your side mirrors until the back end of your car just disappears. This will allow you an almost continuous panoramic view—from the rear view straight to the side view into your peripheral vision. Still, you should always turn your head to physically glance to the side before changing lanes.

9 and 3, or 10 and 2

Too many people adopt the lazy habit of driving one-handed with their hand on top of the wheel. The best way to retain control of your car is to have your left hand between the 9 or 10 o’clock position and the right in the corresponding 3 or 2 o’clock position.

Reach To Wheel

When you sit back with your arm stretched out, you should see your wrists resting on top of the wheel, but when you drive, your elbows should be comfortably bent and relaxed. This will give you the best control over your car.

Judging A Book By Its Cover

When it comes to avoiding accidents, the condition of other drivers’ vehicles speaks volumes. If you see a car that’s covered with dents, scratches and gashes, or if there are parts hanging off, avoid proximity with that vehicle as much as possible. It may mean nothing, but it can also mean an irresponsible driver is behind the wheel.

Know The Causes Of Car Accidents

Knowing the causes of car accidents in Knoxville can help you avoid them when the warning signs show. The three most common causes of car accidents across the United States include:

Drunk Driving

Watch out for weaving, sudden stops, stop-and-go activity and other signs of an inebriated driver. If the car ahead of you is erratic, give it room.

Excessive Speed

Speed demons are the bane of other drivers. If someone’s cruising way above the speed limit, get out of their way and let them go.

Distracted Drivers

Many of the same signs as drunk driving apply to distracted drivers. Also, if you see someone talking on the phone or texting, give them a wide berth. If you’re talking on the cell phone or texting, put the phone down. You can talk later.

If you are involved in a Tennessee accident that was the fault of another driver, a qualified personal injury attorney can make sure that you get all the compensation you deserve to heal and get your life back. Read about our car accident services, and get in touch with us for more information and a free consultation today.