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How To Avoid Pool Accidents This Summer

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Backyard pools are a great way to relax and unwind during the summer. However, being a pool owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Pool accidents can be very harmful and as the owner, you have a lot of liability. If it is deemed you could have taken reasonable measures to prevent an accident from occurring, you will likely be found at fault and have to deal with costly medical bills even in the case of a pool trespasser accident. Here are some tips to make your pool safer so that you can avoid the inevitable lawsuit that comes with a pool accident

Safely Secure The Pool Area

If a fence does not properly secure your pool, you will be held liable for pool accidents that happen even if the pool user in question was not invited and thus trespassed onto your property. “Attractive nuisance” is the legal loophole that makes this liability possible. It deems that if something on your property is said to be an object that attracts children—such as a swimming pool—you can be held responsible for anything that happens to a child on said property no matter whether you allowed them to use it our not.

Homeowners aren’t generally held responsible for injuries someone sustains while trespassing, so many pool owners don’t consider this when planning their pool area. Be sure to install the proper fencing around your pool that obeys your area’s pool codes to avoid liability in the case of a trespasser accident.

Prevent Slipping And Falling Near The Pool

One of the most common types of pool accidents is the slip and fall accident. Since pools and patios are inherently wet areas, these are very high risk in pool areas. Take care to prevent them as best you can, by buying non-stick surface materials for your pool and patio, properly warning guests of slippery areas via verbal instruction and signs and always clearing away standing water on your pool deck as quickly a possible. A personal injury lawyer where know exactly where to inspect for signs of negligence, so take extra special care to make sure your pool area is safe. It’s bad enough to have an easily avoidable pool accident on your conscience—you don’t want to deal with hefty medical bills on top of it!

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