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Big Truck Accident Makes Two-Mile Tennessee Pile-Up Even Worse

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Big Truck Accident Makes Two-Mile Tennessee Pile-Up Even Worse

Motorists on I-24 saw just how destructive an auto accident can be last Thursday.  A series of car accidents occurred on a two mile stretch of interstate near the Rutherford and Coffee County lines.  The accidents became a major headache for those trying to travel through the area as a jam brought traffic to a near standstill.  Unfortunately, however, it was about to get even worse.

A Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) emergency vehicle was aiding mowing crews when they noticed the major jam.  Knowing that they could do something to help, they turned on their emergency lights and began directing traffic.  For the moment, traffic was beginning to flow again, but a tractor trailer was heading for them and hadn’t noticed the slowing traffic.

At the last moment it attempted to avoid colliding with the line of cars and swerved off the highway.  The big rig jack-knifed and slammed into the TDOT truck.  The truck’s trailer forced the TDOT vehicle into a rock embankment.

The two TDOT workers that were directing traffic were nearly killed.  They had to be rushed by air for treatment at Vanderbilt Trauma Center.  The driver of the 18-wheeler was not seriously injured and there wasn’t any evidence of drug or alcohol use but certainly a bit of absentmindedness played a part. Ultimately, the westbound lanes on the two mile stretch of Interstate 24 were closed for several hours.

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