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Big Trucking Accident And What You Should Do

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Half a million trucking accidents happen and occur yearly. If involved in an unfortunate accident, legally, what can you do?

Preserving the evidence is key in a truck wreck. A lot of things go away just like that. They have these instant response teams, that the insurers for the trucking companies have and they will be there instantly. They are already headed to the scene as soon as they get the call. A lot of times the evidence is going away click that way. Markings on the road, drivers log books, they only have to keep them for 6 months, Qualcomm data, which is a satellite network where they keep in touch with, gas tickets, etc. Were trying to reconstruct where they have been in the last week.

There are good truck drivers, and there are great trucking companies. We are not talking about them right now. Trucking companies are hiring tons of truck drivers right now, and that is a sign of the times, a good economy.

DUIs are one of the leading causes for truck accident deaths today. Is it much different for a person to be drinking and driving in a truck rather than a normal car? Absolutely! You have a 90,000 pound vehicle in a truck, and the car is only 6,000 pounds. Another statistic is, 35% of trucking deaths have an illegal drug factor.

Trucking comes with long hours, and companies are pushing drivers to get the product from point A to point B. In service driving, they have to have a certain amount down time because we don’t want a bunch of fatigued drivers all over the road. Well they have these things called the “log books” where they are supposed to log their miles and where they have been, but they unfortunately, have these things called the “comic books.” These are the second set of books that they actually present to whoever is checking instead of the real log book.

Fighting insurance companies for a normal car wreck is difficult but how bad is it when it is a trucking company? It’s 10 times harder. A normal car wreck is one thing, but gearing up for a truck wreck investigations has to start as soon as that call comes in. I’ve left and gone to other states to investigate something the minute we get a call. I’ve even taken my own drone to investigate to make sure the evidence is preserved instead of lost or covered up by the insurance company.

Is it hard for those that are injured to get what they are owed financially. You have to understand that the may get the wrong adjuster and they get something incredibly wrong, and the evidence doesn’t bear it out. If you don’t have the same preserve, if you don’t have pictures, statements from the officers, and haven’t chased down the evidence from the log books and so on, then it boils down to a regular car wreck.

Should a person snap pictures if they are involved in a wreck. Absolutely, anything that they are physically able to get and looks like it could be relevant to their case, they should definitely take record of it.