Boat Safety is a Hot Topic as Tennessee Warms Up

Boat Safety is a Hot Topic as Tennessee Warms Up | Chattanooga Boating Accident Lawyers

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Chattanooga’s surrounding lakes as well as the Tennessee River are hotspots for boating during the state’s humid summer months. As Tennessee boating season gears up, the TN Wildlife Resources Agency wants to make sure that boaters stay safe over Memorial Day weekend. This weekend is one of the busiest for boating and with the extra traffic comes extra dangers. This year alone, 7 people have already died in Tennessee boat accidents.

Last year, over Memorial Day weekend, 13 boaters were cited for driving their boat under the influence and 14 boaters were cited for operating their boats recklessly. Tennessee has the stigma of ranking fifth in the US for people drowned in boating accidents.

The chance of boat accidents increase in Tennessee as the temperature rises. In order to protect Tennessee boaters, the state’s Wildlife Resources Agency has rolled out its ‘Wear it Tennessee’ Campaign. The campaign is an ‘experiential, social marketing program to try to voluntarily increase life jacket wear on adults on boats.’ Its objective is to ‘increase public awareness about the comfort and availability of new styles of life jackets…

The importance of wearing a life jacket while boating can’t be understated. In nearly 85% of all fatal boat accidents the person wasn’t wearing a life jacket.

National Safe Boating Week runs from May 19th to May 25th, culminating at the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend. Within that week, Tennessee has had additional life jacket awareness days including ‘Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day’ on the 18th which hoped to show that wearing a life jacket is comfortable and easy. And on May 19th there was also ‘Ready, Set, Wear It!’ with the hope of setting a world record for the most people wearing a life jacket at the same time.

Even after National Safe Boating Week is over, the importance of boating safety will continue as long as Tennesseans are on the water and there’s the potential for boat accidents.

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