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Boating Accidents And Claims

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There is no requirement in the State of Tennessee for there to be insurance on a watercraft. It’s the easiest thing in the world to buy a boat and put it in the water and have a great time. People don’t really realize what risks they’re putting themselves in. You’re not only putting trust in yourself, but the others that are with you. There’s no requirement for insurance and people think a lot of times that their homeowners insurance is going to cover them on their own boat. Words of wisdom is to always assume that the boat you are getting on doesn’t have insurance and isn’t able to take care of you if you are injured on the vessel.

People assume that their homeowners insurance will cover a jet ski and it doesn’t. There is usually a horsepower limitations in their policies. So if they plan on buying a jet ski or a watercraft it would be best if they called their insurance provider.

What happens if you are injured and the person doesn’t have insurance? Sometimes it’s a dry well. You don’t instinctively ask someone before you go out to the lake if they have boaters insurance. You should be more aware of what you are going to be stepping into.

There is a large number of hit and runs on the lake. How can you find the boat if you don’t know the numbers or you can’t identify. A collision on the water is much more difficult of a case to handle for police because of the different variety of issues that come with being on the water.