Chattanooga accident lawyers relay one victim's struggle for safer railroad crossing

Can Accidents Bring Changes to Dangerous Situations? | Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers

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No one wants to be involved in an accident.  They can truly turn your life upside-down.  Unfortunately, sometimes they are unavoidable.  In the aftermath of a serious accident, sometimes all we can do is hope that something will change and help prevent similar accidents in the future.  That’s what an Athens’ man is advocating for after his own near-death experience.

Just last week, the man was driving across a set of railroad tracks when the worst happened.  His truck was broadsided by an approaching train.  The train demolished his truck, but somehow he managed to escape the crash with only minor injuries.

So what happened?  Well, the train operator claims to have blown his horn to warn the driver that he was getting near.  The pickup driver, however, claims to have never heard a horn.  Now the accident victim is calling for additional safety measures at the crash site.

 The railroad crossing already has flashing lights, but the man doesn’t think that’s sufficient.  He would like to see crossing gates installed as well.  According to the Athens City Manager, putting in new gates would cost the city $100,000 and is a project that could possible take years to finish.  Of course, the man who was struck by the train thinks that the money is well worth the possibility of saving lives and avoiding accidents.

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Sometimes accidents can bring about sweeping change, but it’s a hard way to learn that a situation is dangerous.  We can add new safety measures to our day to day lives, but there is no fix for negligence.  But if you’ve been hurt by negligence there is something that you can do.  You can turn to the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm and our Chattanooga personal injury lawyers.

If someone is at fault for your injuries, we want to fight to hold them responsible.  A successful personal injury lawsuit can make a difference by sending a powerful message that recklessness won’t be tolerated.  To get started just contact the Insiders today.

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