Car Crashes Into Home at Dangerous Intersection

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When you’re sitting at home, you want to feel safe. A home should be your sanctuary, but for one Chattanooga woman, it’s seems like only a matter of time before an accident literally finds itself on her doorstep. The woman happily lives off Hickory Valley Road at Elben Drive, but she’s had several unwanted visitors at her home over the past several years, because at her particular intersection, cars often lose control and end up in her front yard.

Car Accident at Intersection with Troubled Past

Just last Sunday a driver swerved off the road and plowed into the woman’s front porch. Fortunately the woman wasn’t sitting on the porch, which she often does, when the accident occurred. According to a neighbor, “If it had been earlier in the day, earlier in the evening she should have been on that front porch. It would have killed her.”

The woman was certainly unhappy to find a car resting in her front yard, but we wonder if she was surprised. This wasn’t the first time a car had struck their home. It was the fourth!

Neighbors know the intersection is a dangerous one, but it came to a head in 1997 when a young man lost his life there. After that incident those in the neighborhood urged the city to add speed bumps and signs. “That did seem to help for quite a while. But it seems like in the last few years, especially since they opened up Hickory Valley Road all the way to Highway 58, the amount of traffic has increased so much. It’s just getting to the point now where something really needs to be done,” said a homeowner.

Family members of the woman whose house has been a target for runaway drivers believe that concrete barriers should be in place to protect the lives of both their grandmother as well as the drivers.

Auto Accident Attorneys in Chattanooga

Chattanooga auto accidents happen in a variety of different ways. It’s not common for you to be in danger of a car accident while in your home but as we learned – it happens. When you’re hurt in any auto accident the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm can help you navigate the aftermath.

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