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Caregiver Abuse Can Extend To Not Only The Elderly But The Young As Well

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Every day throughout Tennessee families put trained professionals in care of their loved one. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are among the most common places for this care to be administered, but it can also be done from the patient’s own home. Often when we think about these relationships, we relate it to the elderly, but that’s not always the case either.

Young people who are disabled will often need specialized care that their parents might not be able to perform or someone to look over them when their parents are at work. Unfortunately, abuse or neglect can occur while in the care of these professionals. It’s a truly horrible act that can shock even seasoned personal injury lawyers.

One such case happened in the state recently when a nanny was arrested on suspicion that she was putting large amounts of salt in a disabled boy’s feeding tube. The boy had been rushed to the hospital on several occasions with an incredibly elevated sodium level. When it was put together that the only time the child had these episodes was while in the nanny’s care, the woman was charged with neglect and abuse.

The most distressing aspects of these types of crimes is that the victim is often unable to speak up for themselves which is why it’s so important for you to look out for certain signs of abuse.  These can include sudden changes in personality, malnourishment, poor hygiene, unexplained marks, depression, and many others.

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Caregiver abuse and neglect can’t be tolerated under any circumstance.  The McMahan Law Firm wants to make sure that those people that break our trust and injure our loved ones are held accountable.

If you suspect someone you love is being abused or neglected by a caregiver, let us get you the help you need. Protect the well-being of your loved one and contact us with your personal injury claim.