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Chattanooga 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers Protect Your Rights

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Every car accident is a terrible and frightening experience. However, a car accident involving an 18-Wheeler is even more complicated and dangerous. If you’ve been hit by a semi truck or 18-Wheeler, you’re bound to have unique issues and concerns that aren’t the same as someone who was in a wreck with another car.

Since most 18-wheelers are driven by professional drivers, you will likely find that you are not just dealing with the driver of the truck, but also with his employer.  Professional drivers are required to carry different levels of insurance, and they have many safety regulations they are required to follow.  If the driver that hit you was not following all of the state and federal regulations, your case is going to be drastically different than the average car accident case.

Injury settlements for accidents where a semi-truck or 18-wheeler are involved can be much higher than other accidents.  Don’t risk being taken advantage of if you were injured in an accident with a large truck.  Seek out an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle your case and has experience with similar cases.

If you live in Tennessee, you are in great hands. The McMahan Law Firm is full of experienced Chattanooga 18-Wheeler accident lawyers who are ready to take your case.  They will simplify what has been a very stressful situation, by assuring you they know the ins and outs of accidents that involve professional drivers and 18-wheelers.

If you’ve been injured, you’ve already suffered enough.  Stop the headache of trying on your own to be compensated for your injuries, and wondering if you’re being treated fairly by insurance companies, the truck driver, and the driver’s employer. Contact us, and we’ll let you know how we can help you with all the legal implications of your accident.

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