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Chattanooga Accident Lawyers Explain How Guardrails Can Sometimes Make Accidents Worse

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There are certain devices placed along our highways that are meant to protect us in the event of an accident.  Things like guardrails, cable barriers, and barrels could save your life if your car goes out of control, but as accident lawyers in Chattanooga we know if they aren’t well-maintained, they can actually become a serious danger themselves.  A recent accident in Hamilton County illustrated that guardrails can actually make an accident worse.

Last weekend a man was driving northbound on Highway 58 when he had a diabetic medical emergency that sent his pickup truck into a guardrail.  The guardrail impaled the truck, going all the way through the entire vehicle.  Miraculously, the driver wasn’t injured.

Guardrails that are bent or broken can be deadly.  According to a spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, “Each crash is unique, and there could have been extenuating circumstances. We don’t know what angle the gentleman hit the guardrail, how fast he was going, what else was going on out there.”

Guardrails made of galvanized steel are maintained by TDOT.  “Our traffic engineers look and see where the best places are, if it’s a bad curve, if there’s a place where we have lane departures. That might be a location where guardrail is placed.”

There have actually been controversial guardrails called the Trinity Industries ET-PLUS guardrail system that have shown accidents to be four times more likely to be deadly when this product was installed.  In Tennessee this particular system is no longer installed.  TDOT has been reviewing areas where these systems are in place and deciding whether or not to remove them from the road altogether.

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