Chattanooga car accident attorneys point out the city's new speed cameras

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Will new speed cameras popping up around Chattanooga be a deterrent for drivers who violate the speed limit?

According to local news reports, the city has installed new speed cameras on dangerous roads. Officials determined the danger levels of a given stretch of road by drawing on research data. Dangerous roads have had a significantly greater number of accidents and a greater number of drivers speeding.

Consequences of speeding

One Chattanooga resident quoted in the local news looks at the road by her home and remembers the lives lost on it. Beyond any punishment inflicted by the law, that’s what drivers should remember when they speed: the potential loss of life, and the potential for injuries so severe that they permanently disrupt a person’s life and livelihood.

As far as legal penalties go, drivers caught speeding will receive tickets in the mail, along with photo proof of their traffic law violation. Whether this will bring down the total number of accidents remains to be seen.

Speeding is a major contributor to accidents (in Tennessee, as in other places) and often interacts with other crash-inducing factors, including intoxication, distraction, driver inexperience, and failure to obey other traffic laws (e.g. yielding right of way).

Evidence gathered by these cameras can also come into play when determining liability for a crash. If there’s concrete proof that one of the drivers was behaving recklessly by speeding, this may effect the compensation they’re entitled to and the amount they may be required to give to other people involved in the crash. (However, for any given crash, it’s important to determine whether the speeding actually contributed to it, or whether the accident would have been unavoidable in any case.)

In the aftermath of a crash, you may find yourself needing to contact experienced Chattanooga car accident attorneys for advice and advocacy. You shouldn’t have to struggle alone with the cost of an accident, particularly when another driver’s negligence contributed to it. And hopefully, you’ll behave responsibly on the road, reducing the chances of getting into a crash that can lead not only to legal penalties and property damage, but also to wrecked lives.

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