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Chattanooga Car Accident Attorneys Want You to Practice Defensive Driving

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Speeding, tailgating, and yelling at other drivers are hallmarks of aggressive driving. They can only lead to a car accident. The easiest and least expensive way of dealing with such a situation is to avoid it in the first place through these defensive driving tips.

Plan in advance especially on an unfamiliar route. Consult online mapping services before you get into the car, and display the current or predicted traffic for the time you expect to travel. If you know what congestion and accidents are coming up, you won’t become frustrated when you encounter them. You should also allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

Put plenty of space between yourself and the car in front and behind you. The faster you travel, then the more space you need. While guidelines exist on the number of car lengths to allow for your speed and weather conditions, if you have to jam on your brakes when the guy up ahead stops, then you’re too close to him. Whenever possible, keep empty spaces in the lanes next to you. In case you can’t stop in time to avoid the vehicle in front, you can dart into those open spaces.

When you encounter aggressive drivers, give them plenty of leeway. It’s not worth being goaded into unsafe behaviors just because they’re giving you the finger or sitting on their horns behind you. Let them pass and ignore their antics.

If you follow these guidelines and still get into an accident, be sure and contact us, your Chattanooga car accident attorneys. We’ll fight to get the compensation you deserve and help protect your rights.

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