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Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyer Advice On Handling A Tire Blowout

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The tire is one of the most critical components on a car. You rely on your tires to steer and a sudden blowout can cause complete loss of control. Although improved tire technology make blowouts less common now, they can still occur if the tire has been compromised. A tire puncture, slow leak, or heat buildup from improper inflation can cause a blowout. The good news is that an accident can be avoided if you know what to do.

Stabilize Your Car

A tire blowout means your car is only riding on three good tires which makes your car very unstable. Steering motions or braking is the wrong thing to do because they will cause the car to lose its balance and go out of control.

When a front tire blows out, you will likely feel a strong pull to the side while a rear blowout may cause the rear to sway back and forth. Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and maintain a straight course. If the car pulls to the side, you may have to counter steer in the opposite direction but do not make hard steering motions. The idea is to keep the car balanced and keep it moving straight ahead.

While doing the above, you must not make sudden speed changes because that will also upset the car’s balance. This means not applying the brakes and keeping your foot on the accelerator and then very, very gradually letting up on the gas. Remember that from start to finish, dealing with a blowout is a balancing act.

Find A Safe Place To Pull Over

While going straight, allow the car to coast down to 15 mph and lightly apply the brakes. Even while going at slow speeds, steering and braking must be gingerly done. When you find a safe spot, apply your turn signal, pull off the road, and turn on your hazard lights.

Getting off the road is very important because getting hit by a fast moving car or truck because you stopped in the middle of the road is just as deadly as going out of control from a tire blowout. Don’t worry about driving on the metal part of your wheel because it is already damaged and will have to be replaced anyway.

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