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Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers Are Concerned about Rising Hamilton County Traffic Incidents

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Hamilton County showed a marked rise in traffic accidents for 2012 at 12,811 from the previous year’s 10,872, according to the Tennessee Department of Safety.


  • About 35 accidents were fatal, 2,915 produced injuries and 9,861 resulted in property damage only.
  • The entire state of Tennessee also showed an increase in car accidents to 171,150 from 167,423 in 2011. About 943 of the accidents caused death, 47,268 involved injury and 122,939 produced property damage only.
  • Hamilton County had 35 accidents involving bicyclists with 32 causing injury, 3 responsible for property damage, and no fatalities.
  • About 88 incidents involved pedestrians.

Of the accidents where a contributing action was found, the most common was following improperly, which means going too closely behind the car in front of you and not having enough space to stop safely. It produced 2,657 accidents in the county. Failure to yield the right of way was the next most common with 1,962 incidents.

Alcohol played a part in 479 crashes. Producing more crashes at 409, distracted driving means removing focus from the road momentarily. Common reasons include talking on cellphones, texting, fiddling with the radio, eating, applying makeup.

The most dangerous age for drivers was 21 to 24 because they caused 2,607 car crashes. Close behind with 2,497 accidents were those aged 25 to 29. Teens at 15 and under had the fewest incidents at 27 followed by those aged 75 to 79 with 359.

If you, a family member, or friend become involved in one of the statistics for the current year, please contact us, your Chattanooga car accident lawyers.

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