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Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers: Running From Police is the Last Way to Avoid a Collision

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Chattanooga car accident lawyers fight for injured victims

There are a lot of things you can do to try and avoid a serious car accident, some just happen to be more obvious than others.  Don’t speed, don’t drive while distracted, don’t drive while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol – all of these are unquestionable, but there’s one that may be the biggest no-brainer… don’t run from the police.

Police pursuits are almost always sure to end in an accident, and most often it’s the person fleeing that ends up in the worst shape.  Take a recent accident in Bradley County for example.  Last week on Interstate 75, a trooper was performing a routine traffic stop when another vehicle nearly swerved and hit him.  The trooper jumped into his patrol car, and the pursuit started.

Other officers soon joined the pursuit and those that were in front of the perpetrator managed to put spike strips on the road.  Unfortunately, the runaway driver managed to get around the spikes without damaging his tires.

He wouldn’t get much further, though.  Another trooper had his patrol car parked and blocking part of the interstate and heavy traffic left the suspect with nowhere to go.  He lost control of his car and smashed into the police cruiser.  It was a violent end to the high speed chase.  It seems like no one suffered any life-threatening injuries, which is a nice surprise, but the only thing waiting for the runaway driver now are charges of DUI, evading police, and several other felonies.


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Fleeing from police is always a bad idea, and it could have led to innocent people being seriously injured.   Negligence is often the cause of accidents, and if it caused an accident that hurt you or someone you love, contact the Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm.

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