Safe driving tips for Chattanooga parents

Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers Explain How to Drive with Kids in the Car

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It never fails. Your kids have been a delight all day: full of good nature and funny comments. So you take them in the car with you to get groceries. Not five minutes into the trip, they start pulling each others hair, yelling, and begging for your attention.

Before you lose control and start yelling back, don’t forget that you’re responsible for all the lives in your moving vehicle as well as those of the drivers around you. To deal with the situation safely, use these tips:

  • Follow all Tennessee laws regarding child safety in vehicles. They’re designed for the protection of your family. For example, you may want to physically separate the kids by putting one in the front seat. But the one in front is at risk from car crashes and air bags. Always keep them in the back with a car safety seat appropriate to their age.

  • Clear the back. It’s convenient to dump all kinds of business equipment, household goods, and toys in the back. However, these objects can slide and move causing potential injury to the young ones. In a collisions, they can become missiles that can hurt anyone in the vehicle. Secure most objects in the trunk. Leave a soft toy or two with the kids to keep them occupied.

  • Keep your eyes on the road. Resist the urge to turn around and physically control your children. With your focus away from driving and your hands away from the wheel, you increase the risk of a car crash. A safer strategy is to pull over first. This also signals to the kids that you’re serious. You can then discipline them. You can also threaten to stay put until they behave. While they squirm at your seriousness, you can take the time to browse your smart phone or fix your hair while you’re parked.

Even if you follow these guidelines, you may end up in an accident because you can’t control how parents in other vehicles behave with their children. If that happens, please contact us. As your Chattanooga car accident lawyers, we’ll protect the rights of your family.

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