State program wants crash victims' medical history available at wreck site for faster treatment, improved recovery by injured.

Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers: TnDOT's Yellow Dot Program To Aid Car Accident Victims

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Are you familiar with “The Golden Hour”?

That’s a term used by emergency services personnel to refer to the time immediately following a wreck during which it’s critical that car-accident victims get treated. If patients can be treated within this 60-minute window, they are far more likely to survive their injuries.

What brings this to mind is the recent news that the Tennessee Department of Transportation is launching a program with the specific goal of helping first responders treat older car accident victims within this time frame.

We took note of this story because, as Chattanooga car accident lawyers, we’re all too familiar with the devastating effects of truck, car and motorcycle accidents. We think that anything our society can do to reduce the harm these crashes cause is a something to be commended.

TnDOT’s “Yellow Dot” program provides a yellow sticker that drivers are supposed to place in the rear window of their vehicles. That sticker alerts emergency services personnel that the driver has a medical history file inside his or her glove compartment. With a driver’s medical history accessible, first responders are better able to render the proper aid.

Although the Yellow Dot program could benefit anyone, it’s meant especially to help older drivers, because they’re more likely to have complicated medical histories.

The Yellow Dot program is still in its infancy, but the public information officer for Hamilton County’s emergency services department told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that she’s “all for getting earlier notification.”

If you’re interested in enrolling in the Yellow Dot program, you can sign up at Siskin Hospital.

Now, even with programs like the Yellow Dot, car, truck and motorcycle accidents will continue to be an issue in Chattanooga and the rest of Tennessee. If you are ever involved in one, it may be good to speak with a lawyer and determine your legal options. If that’s of interest to you, please feel free to contact us.

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