DUI Tests in Question After Hamilton County Car Accident: Chattanooga Injury Lawyers

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Drivers that choose to drink and drive and then cause an accident should always be held accountable, but they should also get fair treatment by the courts.  Victims of DUI accidents deserve justice, but they deserve for that justice to come without controversy.  A mix up of blood samples has added a lot of confusion after a recent Hamilton County DUI wreck, and it almost put the driver behind bars for longer than the law requires.

A young man has a trial set for next month after he wrecked his car while intoxicated.  The issue is that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) toxicology unit, the agency that tests the blood of DUI suspects, never specified whether or not they tested serum or whole blood.  There’s actually quite a difference between the two as serum can inflate the blood alcohol content (BAC) by over 10% as it has more water than blood.

The young man’s BAC came back as 0.21, three times the legal limit.  The difference between a serum sample and whole blood sample could make all the difference in the case.  A DUI conviction with a BAC over 0.20 results in a minimum weeklong stay in jail. 

The case has called into question the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s stake in DUI convictions since they are awarded court fees when drunk drivers are found guilty.   This financial incentive has become a conflict of interest according to some attorneys as in a year’s time the TBI can collect over $2 million in these fees.  The muddy case did in fact get the young man’s sentence lowered.

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