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Chattanooga Man Gets Sixth DUI Arrest

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As a Chattanooga personal injury law firm we see some pretty incredible and incredulous behavior from some of the individuals in our local and greater community.

Most of the time automobile accidents are just that– accidents.  Some of the time, however, the behavior exhibited by our fellow citizens is downright negligent and potentially deadly.

One of our areas of practice includes accidents involving injury resulting from DUI incidents.

Recently, NewsChannel9 reported that a man was arrested for his sixth (yes, we said sixth) DUI.  About 7:00 AM on Brainerd Road, police received a call from a bicyclist who had spotted a small pickup truck flipped upside-down inside a storm drain.  The cyclist reported that he didn’t know whether or not anyone was inside the overturned vehicle.  When police arrived on the scene, a visibly intoxicated man crawled out of the wrecked car’s window.

Chattanooga police explained that the drunk driver ended up in the storm drain as a result of misjudgment caused by his drunkenness.   “He thought this ditch was a street and lo-and-behold it wasn’t a street,”  an officer stated,  “And it was far enough down he ended up rolling the vehicle into a ditch.”

This sort of behavior is appalling and puts all of us at risk when we head out on the roads.

Here in Chattanooga we like to think that we are conscientious and careful drivers.  And most of us are!  But it only takes one selfish individual to change your day, week, month, year, or life.

It is when these incidents occur that you may find yourself in need of an experienced DUI injury attorney.  The Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm are not new at handling DUI injury cases and we understand the many ways your life may be affected by such an accident.

We don’t want you to settle a case by yourself with the other guy’s insurance company, because once you sign on the dotted line all future developments that are a direct result of the DUI accident will not be covered.

Future developments can and often do include: back and neck injuries, dental fractures, and other painful injuries that may be masked by naturally-occurring chemicals in the brain (like adrenaline) in the period directly after the incident.

We have learned over the years that your body produces these chemicals to protect you in moments of trauma; they wear off slowly and the damages you’ve received can take varying periods of time to develop. You should always receive a full medical work-up after an accident, because you may feel fine now; you do not know how you will feel later.

If you settle your DUI accident yourself, you are taking a risk– a risk that you should not take.

The Insiders at McMahan want to keep you and our community safe from the individuals who put us all at risk every day. DUI accidents are, unfortunately, all too common and we must all play a part in reducing their impact, from law enforcement to personal responsibility. If you are from the Chattanooga region and you’ve been involved in a DUI accident, remember you can call the Insiders at the McMahan Law Office for a free consultation, why wouldn’t you at least do that? We are here for you.


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