Two recent motorcycle accidents in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: Riders Have a Greater Chance of Severe Injuries

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Chattanooga motorcycle accident lawyers know that riders are at a greater risk of serious injury when an accident occurs.

There are a lot of dangers that come along with driving a car.  There can be poor road conditions, bad weather, and there will always be negligent drivers.  Any of these can lead to a serious accident, but when you’re in a car accident, you’re surrounded by a reinforced frame and equipped with safety features like seat belts and airbags.  There’s a good chance you’ll walk away from the crash.  Not all motorists are so lucky, though.  Motorcycle riders have a greater chance of a bad outcome after an auto wreck, and there was unfortunately quite a bit of proof around Chattanooga recently.

In Cleveland, three motorcyclists were injured when two motorcycles and a car collided.  The driver of the car and her child were left with only minor injuries while the three bikers had to be rushed to a nearby hospital having suffered substantially.  As auto accident lawyers in Chattanooga, we know that this is often the case when a wreck involves a motorcycle and a passenger car.

The situation could have been worse, and in an accident in nearby Blue Ridge, it unfortunately was.  The same day as that motorcycle wreck saw three injured in Cleveland, a Fannin County judge was killed when he was struck by a car while riding his own motorcycle.  The judge was riding along Highway 60 when a car crossed into his lane and struck him head-on.  The reckless driver is now facing charges.

It was an especially tragic day for riders around Chattanooga, and a reminder to always be especially careful when riding and if you’re in a car, always look twice for motorcyclists.

Chattanooga Motorcycle Accident Lawyers report two local wrecks

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