Chattanooga Personal Injury Attorneys: Chattanooga Woman Dies In Accident At Wrigley Plant

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Earlier this fall, a Chattanooga woman was tragically killed while she was on the job at the Wrigley plant.

WCTV NewsChannel 9 reports that the woman was on a ladder when a forklift backed into the ladder. The woman fell from the ladder and was badly injured. She was rushed to a hospital, but died the next day.

The woman has not yet been formally identified, but workers at the plant told WCTV that their coworker was “very social” and “a beautiful person” who made other’s lives easier with her cheerfulness and kindness. It isn’t known how old she was or whether she had a family.

The Tennessee Occupational Health and Safety Administration is still investigating the incident. So far, it seems to be accidental, but even so, there are some accidents that are not supposed to happen. We have regulations and rules in place to prevent people from getting hurt or killed.

Even so, not all workplaces and not all managers are as scrupulous as they ought to be. Sometimes, in cases like this, terrible tragedies are the result.

As Chattanooga personal injury attorneys, we are experienced in helping people who have been hurt in, or families that have lost loved ones to, accidents such as this. In an ideal world, responsible parties would step up and be held accountable, but life does not work that way. Oftentimes, it takes the help of a lawyer to make justice happen.

If you think it would be beneficial to speak to an attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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