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Chattanooga Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Tips For Staying Safe Around Railroad Tracks

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Early on the morning of October 26, a pedestrian was struck by a train in Ooltewah. Although the man survived, he did suffer a broken arm and lose one of his legs. Accidents like this are preventable when people are willing to take proper precautions around railroad tracks. If you are a pedestrian, consider the following tips when traveling near railroad tracks:

  • Never play or walk on railroad tracks. Trains may come quickly and with little warning. Not only is it dangerous to play on railroad tracks, but tracks are private property, and you can face a heavy fine for trespassing.
  • Do not even walk or play near train tracks. Trains extend several feet over the tracks, and you could be hit by a passing train, even if you are not on the tracks.
  • If you need to cross the railroad tracks, cross only at designated areas. If the gates have gone down or the red lights are flashing, do not cross the tracks. Instead, wait for the train to pass.
  • Look both ways before crossing railroad tracks, much the same way you would look both ways before crossing a road. Because trains travel quickly, if you see a train, do not try to beat the train across the tracks. Just be patient, and wait your turn.
  • Put away any electronic distractions before crossing or walking near railroad tracks. Do not try to text a friend while crossing the tracks. If you are listening to music, take the earbuds out of your ears and turn off the music. Listening for trains near the railroad tracks is important.
  • Teach your children not to play on or near train tracks and to practice other railroad track safety.

While you may be careful around trains and other dangers, sometimes accidents happen in life. Chattanooga personal injury attorneys can help you when you are injured in an accident. Contact us to learn more.