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Tennessee School Bus Accidents Often Hurt Students and Drivers Alike

In Personal Injury by The Insiders

There are no accidents more frightening than accidents that involve school buses.  Not only does an increase in the amount of children onboard make the chance of injury greater, but Tennessee school buses aren’t equipped with safety features like seatbelts to protect these kids when an accident does happen. As auto accident lawyers, we saw an unfortunate reminder of the damage a bus accident can cause just last week in Loudon County. Apparently, a woman was driving an SUV on Highway 11 when she crossed the center line and collided head-on with an approaching school bus. Another sad fact about bus and car collisions is that the sheer size and weight of a bus often means a higher chance of a serious injury for the people in the car as well.  In this instance, the women that was driving the SUV actually lost her life in the crash. Also during …

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Protecting Yourself After An Accident: Scams, Uninsured Drivers, And Board-Certified Lawyers

In Car Accidents by The Insiders

There are many things that can catch injured victims by surprise after an accident. From hiring attorneys who aren’t board-certified to telemarketer scams to dealing with uninsured drivers, the personal injury lawyers of the McMahan Law Firm have heard the horror stories that can happen to people after they have been injured. Recently, Attorney Jay Kennamer was a guest on Chattanooga News Channel 9’s ‘This N That’ to discuss the different tactics that are used to target recently-injured victims.  The Importance of Hiring a Board-Certified Attorney After Your Accident In commercials and other advertisements, law firms will often claim that they are experienced, but not everyone can be a National Board-Certified Trial lawyer. At the McMahan Law Firm, we have two National Board-Certified Civil Trial Specialists. It is an extremely hard distinction to achieve that requires a certain number of cases and depositions. Having a Board-Certified Trial Specialist on your …

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Caregiver Abuse Can Extend To Not Only The Elderly But The Young As Well

In Nursing Home Abuse by The Insiders

Every day throughout Tennessee families put trained professionals in care of their loved one. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are among the most common places for this care to be administered, but it can also be done from the patient’s own home. Often when we think about these relationships, we relate it to the elderly, but that’s not always the case either. Young people who are disabled will often need specialized care that their parents might not be able to perform or someone to look over them when their parents are at work. Unfortunately, abuse or neglect can occur while in the care of these professionals. It’s a truly horrible act that can shock even seasoned personal injury lawyers. One such case happened in the state recently when a nanny was arrested on suspicion that she was putting large amounts of salt in a disabled boy’s feeding tube. The …

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Tennessee Truck Accident Takes First Life In New Year

In Truck accident by The Insiders

A year without a fatal Tennessee traffic accident will always be worth striving for. Unfortunately, that’s something that’s only possible in a perfect world and our streets and highways are far from perfect. There is always reason to be hopeful that each year will be better than the year before, and in fact, there has been a downward trend of deadly accidents in our state. Sadly, however, last week saw the first fatal Tennessee truck accident of 2015. A woman was driving along US Route 127 through Darke County when she crossed the center line and collided head-on with a tractor trailer. The wreck took the woman’s life in an instant while the truck driver was able to walk away uninjured. It’s a common consequence when smaller passenger cars run into big trucks. An investigation will take place that will hopefully give some insight into why the woman crossed the …