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Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Latest Recalls and Rollover Risks

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Just in case you missed it, the beleaguered Ford Motor Company once again issued a series of recalls. The latest, which occurred in September and October 2014, involved seat belt, stability control and airbag malfunctions that all have the potential to contribute to the already devastating nature of rollover accidents. Personally, our Chattanooga personal injury lawyers found the fall 2014 recalls particularly chilling. Here’s why:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s research, rollovers are among the most debilitating, deadly accidents that a person may become involved with. They often occur when a vehicle becomes unstable due to mechanical failure, design flaws, driver error and unsafe road or off road conditions. In addition, more than half of the fatalities attributed to such incidents may be tied to impact injuries and the vehicle occupants’ failure to use proper restraints.

Studies like the one that appeared in a 2013 issue of Traffic Injury Prevention magazine have shown that many of those impact injuries occur to occupants’ skulls and cervical spines. Skull injuries may lead to a significant loss of cognitive function and sensory skills whereas cervical spine damage could result in quadriplegia. The list of other long term problems that may result from rollover impacts to the skull and spine includes, but isn’t confined to incontinence, sexual dysfunction, respiration difficulties, chronic pain and muscle spasticity.

Therefore, when manufacturers knowingly or inadvertently create vehicles with faulty restraint, airbag and stability systems, their negligence could potentially cause accident victims to die or sustain life altering injuries. Case in point, previous errors made by Ford and Firestone alone cost more than 100 people their lives back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Sadly, it seems that such errors continue despite all of the regulatory efforts already in place. With that in mind, consumers who find themselves dealing with the aftermath of rollover accidents should contact our Chattanooga personal injury lawyers. We have experience in rollover litigation and may be able to help.

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