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Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers: Four Tips For Runners

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Despite wearing reflective running shoes to make himself more visible, a local runner was recently hit by a vehicle during an evening run. The driver of the vehicle said the sun was in her eyes, so she did not see the runner. The experienced runner, who averages 80 to 90 miles per week, was taken to the hospital with traumatic injuries. As Chattanooga personal injury lawyers, we want to make sure you have a safe running experience. Here are four tips, provided by Runner’s World, to make your running experience safer:

  • Make yourself visible. Wear brightly colored clothing. When running as it is getting darker, make sure you have reflective clothing. At the least, wear a lightweight reflective jacket.
  • Run against the flow of traffic. Unlike bicycling, where you want to travel in the same direction as traffic, when running, you want to face traffic. You can better see cars which are coming toward you, and drivers will see you better. You will have more time to react if you can see what is approaching you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Leave the iPod and headphones at home. You want to hear approaching vehicles. You should also be aware of areas where drivers’ visibility might be reduced. This includes as you come over a hill or when the sun might cause a visibility problem.
  • Let others know you are going for a run. Include details on where you plan to run and how long you plan to take. That way people will know where to look if you do not return when planned. You may also want to run with a running buddy for better protection.

Unfortunately, even if you obey these tips, drivers also need to do their part to keep runners and others on the road safe. If you were hit by a vehicle while running on the road, contact us.