Asbestos Exposure Injury Lawyers in Chattanooga

Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers: Is Asbestos Still a Problem in the Workplace for Causing Illness?

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Are you seeking personal injury lawyers in Chattanooga after dealing with a possible asbestos health issue? If you work in an old building, there’s still a chance you may have been exposed to asbestos, despite laws abolishing it from use 25 years ago. Since then, though, many old buildings are still around that use it and perhaps employ many different people. Here in Tennessee, many old work sites and homes that go back decades haven’t removed asbestos to the threat of employee health.

If you’ve been dealing with pulmonary issues lately, it’s possible you have mesothelioma as a sure sign of asbestos exposure. This is a form of lung cancer that’s always been blamed on asbestos exposure and little else. Of course, if you suspect you have it, the evidence is going to matter in your personal injury case. Here at the McMahan Law Firm, we’ll help gather various pieces of evidence to prove you were exposed to asbestos when you didn’t have to be.

Proving Mesothelioma

A doctor can easily diagnose mesothelioma through tests. Along with that will likely come treatment and substantial medical bills. This should be taken into account to prove the financial hardship you’ll be dealing with as a result of not being able to work due to illness.

Making Sure the Asbestos is Found

The worst that can happen is if the company you worked for decided to remove the asbestos out of the building after making everyone sick. It’s one reason why you need to act fast in contacting us so we can prove without a doubt that asbestos was behind your illnesses. This could be done by you using a camera or through photographic evidence from a fellow employee. In other cases, it may be legally challenging to send someone in to inspect for asbestos without proper credentials.

It’s here where it could take some time, even if statistics solidly show that mesothelioma is caused primarily from asbestos exposure. Nevertheless, we assure we’ll gather the best evidence available. The statute of limitations should also be heeded for your case.

Contact us so we can analyze your situation and help you through the complexity of these asbestos exposure cases. We’ve helped many people gain compensation from those who egregiously expose their employees to asbestos, and we want you to gain the same form of justice.

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