Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyers Help Make Sense of Serious Accidents

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Chattanooga personal injury lawyers fight for injured victims.

In the immediate aftermath an accident, it may seem as if each driver was behaving with as much care as possible. Some accidents don’t appear to involve speeding, driving under the influence, texting, or other reckless behaviors. These types of accidents can be especially complex to evaluate.

Recently, a TDOT truck entered the I-75, pulling on in front of a motorcycle. As reported by local news, the driver of the motorcycle apparently couldn’t keep from hitting the back of the truck. The motorcyclist and his passenger suffered injuries and were in serious condition when taken to the hospital.

In an accident such as this one, various questions about liability come up. When a vehicle is pulling onto a major roadway, the driver is responsible for paying attention to oncoming vehicles and selecting the safest moment and the safest speed with which to merge into traffic. Did the truck driver do this?

If the vehicle pulling onto the major roadway gets rear-ended, whose fault is it? In this case, was the motorcyclist unable to stop because he was going too quickly? Or was he following traffic laws and attending to the road? No matter what he did, he may not have been able to avoid a truck suddenly pulling out in front of him.

The extent to which each driver is at fault is a crucial factor to consider. For instance, given that Tennessee is a modified comparative fault state, any driver deemed at least 50% responsible for an accident won’t be granted damages in a civil court.

You need experienced Chattanooga personal injury lawyers on your side as you deal with insurance companies, medical and auto repair bills, while you focus on the physical and emotional healing you require after an accident. Contact us for advice on what steps to take after a crash and for helping you understand what may have happened. Given that liability isn’t always clear, you’ll benefit by having an attorney on your side to carefully sort through the details of the accident.

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