Chattanooga Semi Truck Accident Attorneys Explain the Dangers of Driving Down Mountains

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Here in Chattanooga, truckers are required to maneuver Lookout Mountain on their way from Nashville to Atlanta and points beyond. Driving down this mountain can be especially dangerous, which is why Chattanooga semi truck accident attorneys from the McMahan Law Firm would like to offer these safety tips.

Truckers should drive down mountains one gear lower than they used to climb it. That way, it will be easier to stop should the vehicle begin gathering speed unnecessarily. Drivers should also keep plenty of distance between themselves and other vehicles in order to prevent careening into them if their truck gets out of control.

When trying to slow down, it can be tempting to press the brakes very hard; however, this can result in them becoming overheated and burning out. Instead, only light and steady pressure should be used. Alternatively, tractor trailers that are equipped with a “Jake brake”, which is a compression brake used on large vehicles, could engage this mechanism to help them slow down and avoid burning out their regular brakes.

Truckers should be aware of runaway truck ramps in the event they need to use them. That’s because they could be required to switch lanes if they are to access them. When attempting to access a runaway truck lane, drivers should attempt to alert other motorists so that they can be sure to leave a clear path for them to do so.

When maneuvering around corners, the nose of the truck should be kept close to the high side as much as possible. This will ensure the vehicle stays in its lane, while also helping to prevent the trailer from going off the side of the road, as this could potentially result in jackknifing.

Drivers need to exercise even more caution during the winter, as snow and ice can make Lookout Mountain especially treacherous. Truckers who are negligent when driving down this mountain could be liable for injuries if they are involved in an accident. If you’ve been injured in a semi accident on Lookout Mountain or any other location near Chattanooga, contact us.

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