Chattanooga Semi Truck Accident Lawyers Will Fight for You

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Semi truck accidents are terrifying and some of them are even devastating. It’s even more frustrating to realize that most of these accidents occur because of company or driver negligence motivated by greed.

How Does Greed Cause Accidents? 

Though many of the following practices are against Federal Law; drivers and trucking companies often cut corners to make more cash and hang onto bigger contracts. 

Sometimes drivers or companies do not properly inspect their vehicles. Though the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, (FMCSA) inspects all trucks every year, sometimes things slip through the cracks. Federal Law requires drivers and companies to inspect vehicles daily. However, if adhering to a schedule is of greater concern, sometimes they ignore protocol or do not report an issue they feel is minor. In addition, overheated brakes, thin brake pads and worn tires also cause many problems in trucks that are in heavy use.

Companies often force drivers to meet impossible scheduling demands and carry too much cargo. This leads to fatigued driving; improper stimulant use; dangerous, aggressive driving; speeding and even illegal drug use. When a truck carries too much cargo, its driver cannot make sudden stops or control the vehicle going up or down a steep hill or mountain. This also does damage to the other parts of the truck like the tires and the brakes. 

Drivers are careless. Drivers spend days and weeks at a time on the road. Sometimes they bring family members or spouses on the road with them. Many of them also eat, text and talk on the phone or CB radio while driving. This leads to distracted driving. 

Why You Need Chattanooga Semi Truck Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been the victim of semi truck company or driver neglect, it’s a guarantee that you will be the only layperson involved in your case. Everyone else will be lawyers, insurance agents, private investigators and the like. Their job will be to downplay any injury or hardship you’ve suffered.

The only way to deal with these experienced hands is to have one on your side, so contact us today.

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