Chattanooga Social Security Attorneys Outline Facts Surrounding the SSI Process

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If you are unable to work do to an ailment, injury or disability, it is recommended you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. This much needed income can help you pay your bills and put food on your family’s table. The process of acceptance, however, has become a difficult one. In some cases, individuals who apply end up waiting for a response from the Social Security Administration over 180 days. That is too long to wait when you have rent or a mortgage to pay. If you intend on filing for Social Security Benefits in Tennessee, it is highly recommended you contact Chattanooga Social Security Attorneys to ensure the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Outlining the Social Security Benefit Determination Process:

  • The first thing the SS administrator looks for is the SGA. The SGA is just over $1,000.00 per month. If the individual applying makes over $1,000 per month, they will be automatically denied since they are not considered “disabled” by the administration.
  • Next, the SS Administrations looks into the claimant’s disability to determine severity. At this point in the process, the determination does not take into account the claimants past work history and education level. If the claimant is considered unable to complete tasks due to the impairment, they are considered eligible for SS insurance.
  • The next step of the determination process involves an investigation into the claimant’s medical history. If medical history outlines chronic illness or impairment, this could uphold eligibility. The SSA will request documentation supporting the disability from doctors and/or hospitals that cared for the claimant. The claimant will also fill out a questionnaire on the website explaining their impairment and how it has affected their life. 
  • Previous work history is taken into account in the next step. SSA will determine whether the claimant can return to work at their previous job or if they are able to work at a less physically strenuous job. 
  • The next and final determining factor falls upon the shoulders of the SSA. It is their responsibility to determine if there are jobs available for the claimant within the workforce. If it is determined their are no jobs available that the claimant can successfully perform with their disability, they will be awarded Disability Insurance.

If you are considering applying for Disability Benefits, please contact the attorneys at the McMahan Law Firm. Our professional and courteous staff can help you proceed with the SSI application process. If you have been denied Disability, we can also appeal the Social Security Administration’s determination on your behalf. 

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