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Chattanooga Social Security Disability: Should You Hire a Lawyer?

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For years, you worked hard and you took care of your family. You paid your taxes, and you played your role as a middle to upper-class citizen of your community very well. Unfortunately, for one reason or another you decided you needed to apply for social security disability. It was disheartening as you have always been willing to work hard and earn the money you received. However, you had to face facts eventually – you were no longer able to work. 

Like most people, you filed for social security disability, and you were told that there were various steps you needed to take in order to find out if you were qualified. You went to every doctor appointment they wanted you to attend, you filed every form, and you jumped through every hoop. When you were finished fulfilling their requirements, you settled back to wait for the verdict, which you were told could take months.

Indeed, their decision did take months. In fact, it took almost a year. When you finally heard back from them, you were surprised to find out that you were denied. Panic set in immediately.

What in the world are you going to do now?

The fact is that most claims for social security disability are denied initially. Recent statistics show that this means almost 53% of all applications are turned down, and those individuals are given the opportunity for a hearing. The problem is that many people don’t understand what their next steps should be. They don’t realize how important that hearing is, and they’re not sure what information they need to come out of it victorious. 

As a social security disability attorney in Chattanooga, we’ve helped many people just like you, after they were denied social security disability benefits. It can be disheartening and discouraging. You might feel like you want to give up. However, with the right attorney on your side, fighting for your case, you have a much better chance of getting an acceptance and receiving the money you deserve. 

If you would like more information about how we can help you with your social security disability case, please contact us today.

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