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Your Chattanooga Social Security Lawyers: Building a Compelling Case for Disability After a Car Accident

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After dealing with a car accident, you’re going to need to figure out how you’ll be able to live if you can’t work any longer due to bodily or brain injuries. Your immediate steps should always be to seek out Chattanooga Social Security lawyers who can help you attain disability from Social Security, otherwise known as SSDI. While you can apply on your own after injury in an accident, many times they’ll turn you down initially due to claims of not enough evidence.

That’s where your team of Social Security lawyers will come into play and help fight Social Security to give you the disability compensation you deserve. Here atMcMahan Law Firm, that’s one of our main goals after our clients deal with car accidents. But what will we do to help build a compelling case so you can’t be denied those disability benefits? We can do that through the appeal process, plus providing evidence of any physical or mental disabilities you’ve acquired due to the severity of the car accident.

Appealing a Turndown

We can help with the initial paperwork on the appeal if Social Security initially denies you disability checks. You have 60 days to do an appeal, and we can file the paperwork quickly so there won’t be any frustrating delays. The good news is that when you’re reconsidered, you won’t have to stand before a judge as you may have to later if there’s another denial.

Regardless, you may be denied again, and we’ll step in to make sure it doesn’t stop there. Your next step is going to have to be appearing before an administrative judge here in Chattanooga where you’ll be questioned and given more scrutiny on whether you have the ability to work or not.

Bringing in Proof of Your Injuries and Inability to Work

When facing the judge, we’ll be there to represent you. It’s a fairly simple hearing, however, and you shouldn’t be intimidated. We’ll guide you through how to answer the common questions the judge may ask. Those who question you may also include vocational experts who will analyze your physical or mental ability to work.

It’s here where we’ll show all your medical records of your health to prove that you truly can’t function in life without disability benefits. We may even bring your doctor in to testify to prove your case. Beforehand, we’ll need to gather a comprehensive set of your medical records in order to present evidence of every injury you’ve attained.

In most cases, this appeal is going to be successful based on the undeniable evidence we provide. Rarely, it may involve further appeals, even if means taking it all the way to the Supreme Court to fight for your rights.

Contact us here at McMahan Law Firm if you’ve been in a recent car accident and fear that you’ll be turned down by Social Security for disability benefits. And if you’ve been turned down once, it’s essential you contact us because dealing with appeals alone isn’t a good idea without the knowledge of an experienced legal team that knows how to win.

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