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Chattanooga Workers’ Compensation: Is Your Injury Covered?

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Being hurt on the job is one of the most devastating occurrences that a person can face. After you have suffered an injury, you probably have one question pressing on your mind; is my injury covered by workers’ comp? Because workers’ comp laws can be complicated, and workers’ comp does not cover every job, many people are left unsure whether they will get the kind of compensation that they need to recover from their injury. If you have been hurt on the job, read on to find out whether workers’ comp covers your injury, and see how a workers’ compensation attorney can help.

Where Did Your Injury Occur?

The most important factor in figuring out whether workers’ comp will cover your injury has to do with the circumstances related to the injury. For you to receive workers’ comp and temporary disability benefits, your injury has to have taken place at your job site, or directly resulted from your work conditions. However, if your injury is determined to be unrelated to your job, then you will not be able to receive workers’ comp and will be forced to cover your medical care out of pocket.

It is also important to note that not every job position is covered by workers’ comp benefits. Jobs like seasonal workers and domestic employees such as maids and farm hands are not usually eligible to receive workers’ comp after a workplace injury. You should consult with your employer to see if these benefits cover your job.

Did You Report Your Injury in a Timely Manner?

Crucial to being eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits is reporting your injury in as timely a manner as possible. Generally speaking, you should make the effort to report your injury no later than thirty days after it has occurred, although it is preferable to report it sooner. It is also acceptable to wait to report your injury until after you have received a diagnosis from your doctor. If you have failed to disclose your accident during the prescribed time frame, then it is possible you could be denied benefits, or that it will take much longer for you to receive them.

Did You Get a Fair Medical Assessment?

One of the most important parts of having your injury covered by workers’ comp benefits is getting a medical assessment of your injury. After your injury, your employer will likely request that you get an examination from your doctor to determine that your injury was actually work related. If the doctor determines that your injury was not a result of your work environment, then it is likely that you will initially be denied benefits. However, if you feel your medical examiner is biased, it is possible to have your case reviewed and to undergo another exam from a different medical professional selected by your workers’ compensation attorney.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney to Fight for You

Receiving workers’ comp benefits is the key to being able to live your life as normally as possible after a work-related accident. However, due to circumstances outside of your control, it is possible that your claim will be denied, and you will be left to pick up the pieces after your accident without any help. If you believe your benefits have been unfairly denied, then you need representation from a workers’ compensation attorney, and the best attorneys you can find in Chattanooga are at the McMahan Law Firm. All of our experienced attorneys can handle your workers’ comp case in the best way possible. Contact the McMahan Law Firm today to fight for the benefits you deserve.