Changes in Tennessee’s workers; comp laws

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Big changes are coming to the workers’ compensation claims process in Tennessee–and if you’re pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, you need to be ready.  

Just two months ago, Governor Bill Haslam signed a measure drastically altering the way workers’ compensation claims are dealt with statewide.

The bill, called the Workers’ Compensation Reform Act of 2013, passed the Senate 82-2, and was approved by the House 68-24.

What is the major difference brought about by this bill?  The reform act removes workers’ compensation claims from state trial courts.  Now, claims and appeals will be reviewed by a special panel appointed by the governor.

A recent article in JD Supra Law News explains the process in more detail, noting that “[s]upervised mediation will be the first stop for all unsettled workers’ compensation claim disputes.”  If an issue is still unresolved after mediation, workers’ compensation judges will make the decision.  These decisions will be made in accordance with the Tennessee Rules of Evidence, and they will be made without a jury.

With major adjustments to the workers’ compensation process on the horizon, choosing a Chattanooga workers’ compensation attorney who understands these changes–and how they can effect your claim–is critical.  

That’s why meeting with an attorney from the McMahan Law Firm is an important first step after you’ve suffered a workplace injury.  Our clients appreciate the level of honesty, caring, and understanding we bring to each and every person who walks through our door. 

If you’ve been injured at your workplace, contact us for free advice on your claim.

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