Chattanooga boy hit and killed while waiting for school bus

Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers: Tragedies Can Also Show the Strength of a Community

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As Chattanooga wrongful death lawyers we’ve helped many local families through the financial hardships of losing a loved one. There are so many heartbreaking things that happen in the wake of a deadly accident.  There’s a family that’s left to not only mourn through what is easily one of the hardest moments of their life, but also have to deal with finding a way to cover medical and funeral costs.  It can be hard to see anything but the heartbreak, but sometimes these terrible tragedies can show us just how strong our communities truly are.

A community in Chattanooga was devastated last week when they lost a young boy to a terrible accident.   As usual, the boy was dropped off for a day at elementary school.  It’s not known how, but the child ended up in front of the bus.  The driver didn’t see that he was there and struck him, taking his life.

Clearly there are countless amounts of people who were devastated and will be affected for a lifetime.  They all came together, however, to show just how much the boy meant to them.  A candlelight service was held in his honor at a local baseball field.  During the service, donations were collected to help the boy’s surviving family raise money to cover funeral costs, and a Fund has also been setup in his honor at a nearby bank where donations can be made as well.

Chattanooga wrongful death lawyers offer help to those who've lost a loved one

As Chattanooga wrongful death lawyers, we know that these tragedies happen far too often.  While it’s certainly a time to mourn, it’s also a time to come together.  It shows just how strong Chattanooga can be.

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